We are one of the leading flexible packaging company committed to delivering various flexible packaging materials for today’s pick-n-pack lifestyle. These lightweight, printable laminated flexible packaging structures offer versatility and functionality. Today there are numerous numbers of packaging materials which include monolayer laminates, multilayer laminates, envelopes, pouches, sachets, zipper bags, vacuum pouches, Thermoforming film, shrink film sleeves, foil, and so on.

A) Multilayer Co-Extruded Films

With the state of the art blown film extruders, we can manufacture films using different resins which give various properties to the film. A number of features can be included in a single film such as barrier, rigidity, flexibility, puncture resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, heat sealing capabilities, and easy-peel capabilities, etc.


When it comes to specialty bags & pouches, we are occupying a great position in the market offering a wide range of products such as Digital Pouches, Zip Lock, D Cut, V- Notch, Loop, and Easy Pour for Liquid packaging. All our products are environment- friendly designed with style and comfort.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up bags are considered as one of the most popular package solutions with high resistance and high performance. You get them in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is, in fact, a pouch that will stand up. We offer massive variety in this category. These include paper foil stand up bags, standup pouches, stand up zipper bags, etc. which fulfills the individual requirements.

Zip Lock Pouches

We are contributors in manufacturing and supplying premium quality Ziplock pouches with its unique applications under the expert’s team, utilizing the best in quality and innovative technology. The advantage of zip-lock pouches is that they are resolvable and used in coffee, pet food, nuts, tea, bakery and another food packaging. Our self-locking bags, durable zip-lock pouches are the best in the market delivering as per the consumer and clients’ needs.

Gusseted Pouch

Gusseted pouches are the latest trend in flexible packaging companies. We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of gusseted bags globally. We are appreciated in offering the best range of foil gusseted pouches, poly gusseted bags, and other packaging solutions over a long period of time. The best feature is its ease of use and less space occupying factor. We supply gusset bags in various sizes, shapes, colors, and categories.

Shaped Pouches

We have continued to be a leading innovator in the manufacturing of custom and uniquely shaped pouches. We are specialized in producing & supplying thousands of bottle-shaped pouches with customized packaging for clients with unique packaging solutions. Distinguishing a growing need for uniquely shaped pouches, we have made an assortment of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

High Moisture Barrier Pouch

Our Company has become eminent leaders in providing flexible packaging solutions. We are specialized in manufacturing high barrier films, moisture barrier bags along with other specialty bags & pouches. These High moisture barrier pouches are able to offer excellent strength and also provide resistance to moisture, oxygen, and other contamination as they are inclusive of metalized or aluminum foil lamination.

Retort Pouch

We are one of the leading flexible packaging material manufacturers of retort pouches and films. Retort pouches are known for their outstanding strength and barrier properties which primarily used in the food packaging industries. A retort is a cooking process that uses heat and pressure to cook food in its sealed package. We provide you best in industry Retort pouches having high strength, toughness, and burst resistance.

Microwavable pouches

We offer the only true hermetically-sealed microwaveable film. Our film blocks atmospheric pathogens prior to cooking and allows food to cook fast and evenly. We provide several microwavable packaging technologies, rotary fillings, sealing, boilable cooking bags, steam valve for high-quality microwaveable foods. We manufacture & supply bags in various sizes, shapes, colors, and categories that give heat resistance for short and long term cooking applications, such as steam, boiling, and microwave cooking.

Vaccum Pouches

We are one of the most prominent Vacuum Pouch Manufacturers in India. Vacuum packaging bags for food are one of the best flexible packaging methods used which is shelf friendly and is space fitting. In fact, Vacuum bags are helpful for preserving your products and marketing your brand as well. With the intense use of the rotogravure technique and the use of high-quality material, we ensure that our pouches are capable of removing excess air before the bag is completely sealed. We offer both stock selection as well as custom made vacuum bags according to your brand’s requirements.

Easy Peel Pouch

Easy peal pouches are highly functional in terms of easy usage. It gets peeled off easily and can be opened with hands without using any objects. These are more suitable for use as a lid for cups made of PP, PS, PVC, used in packing jelly, pickles, yogurt, and other products. We provide you with advanced flexible packaging solutions, where it’s easy-to-use innovative pouches you can easily peel the contents and film. Its double-layered feature is ideal for the liquid hardened packaging at room temperature (such as paste, cheese, etc.).

Easy Lock Pouch

At Pavan Roto Print, Easy lock bags are considered as one of the most popular packaging solutions with high resistance and high performance. You get them in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is, in fact, a pouch that will get easily locked. We offer massive variety in this category. Easy lock bags are rigid light and expandable. All our products are environment- friendly designed with style and comfort.

Anti Static Pouch

Pavan Roto Print is one of the leading flexible packaging manufacturing company in India. When it comes to Anti- Static pouches, we are the prominent suppliers occupying a great position in the market. This antistatic bag is used for storing electronic components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge, hence are also termed as ESD bags. We manufacture ESD bags with a layer of conductive metal available in different sizes & shapes as per the requirements of customers and a dielectric layer of plastic because this gives protection from both mechanical and electrostatic damages.

Lidding Films

It is also called as peelable films. Peelable Lidding films are used to seal trays or cups from the top to keep products fresh and safe. Lidding films are serving a wide range of markets that include Medical Packaging, Plastic Box Packaging, cosmetics, and food manufacturing. We offer a full line of Lidding Films featuring various attributes for your application requirements Anti-fog, Microwaveable, Peelable, Oil and grease resistant, Perforated, Freezer-safe, Barrier, Printable.

Wrap Around Label Packaging

Label appeal and appearance are crucial in the customer products for the selection process. We manufacture attractive and quality wrap-around labels for a versatile range of bottles.

High Moisture barrier film

These films prevent the permeation of water, moisture, oil, oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, or light. A product’s formulation can be impacted adversely if these elements migrate into or out of the package. The barrier properties of flexible packaging films are very important in ensuring optimum product quality, freshness, and maximizing shelf life. Moisture Barrier Films are widely used in frozen food, Pharmaceutical Products, Personal care products, and other such products.

Anti Microbial Packaging

When it is a concern of hygienic food storage, bacteria tend to multiply explosively and have a negative effect on hygiene. The right solution is Antimicrobial Packaging. It prevents surface growth of pathogenic microorganism in food by using antimicrobial agents. Food contamination will be prevented in this form of packaging. Prevention of germ growth, Hygiene maintenance, Increase in shelf life, and product freshness is some of the features that come with this packaging.

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