Flexible Packaging

We are one of the leading flexible packaging company committed for delivering various flexible packaging materials for today’s pick-n-pack lifestyle. These lightweight, printable laminated flexible packaging structures offer versatility and functionality.

Today there are numerous numbers of packaging materials which includes monolayer laminates, multilayer laminates, envelopes, pouches, sachets, zipper bags, vacuum pouches, Thermoforming film, shrink film sleeves, foil and so on.

Speciality Pouching

When it comes to specialty bags & pouches, we are occupying great position in the market offering wide range of products such as Digital Pouches, Zip Lock, D Cut, V-Notch, Loop, and Easy Pour for Liquid packaging. All our products are environment- friendly designed with style and comfort.




Lidding films

It is also called as peelable films. Peelable Lidding films are used to seal trays or cups from top to keep products fresh and safe. Lidding films are serving a wide range of markets that include Medical Packaging, Plastc Box Packaging, cosmetic, and food manufacturing.

We offer a full line of Lidding Films featuring various attributes for your application requirements Anti-fog, Microwaveable, Peelable, Oil and grease resistant, Perforated, Freezer-safe, Barrier, Printable.

Wrap Around Label

Label appeal and appearance is crucial in customer products for selection process. We manufacture attractive and quality wrap around labels for versatile range of bottles.


Moisture Barrier Film

These films prevent the permeation of water, moisture, oil, oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, or light. A product’s formulation can be impacted adversely if these elements migrate into or out of the package. The barrier properties of flexible packaging films are very important in ensuring optimum product quality, freshness and maximizing shelf life. Moisture Barrier Films are widely used in frozen food, Pharmaceutical Products, Personal care Products and other such products.

Antimicrobial Packaging

When it is concern of hygienic food storage, bacteria tend to multiply explosively and have a negative effect on hygiene. Right solution is Antimicrobial Packaging. It prevents surface growth of pathogenic microorganism in food by using antimicrobial agents. Food contamination will be prevented in this form of packaging. Prevention of germ growth, Hygiene maintenance, Increase in shelf life and product freshness are some of features comes with this packaging.

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